In this white paper, we look at how our toolkits are used to extract insight from complex connected cyber data, and explore the advantages of this approach.


What does the Cyber Security white paper include?
  • Visualizing cyber threat intelligence with our toolkits
  • What is network visualization?
  • About our toolkits
  • Visualizing cyber threats with our toolkits
    • Software vulnerabilities
    • Anomalous login behaviors
    • Data breaches
    • Malware propagation
Who is this white paper for?

This white paper is for anyone who is interested in visualizing cyber threats with our network visualization toolkits.



Why do our customers choose Cambridge Intelligence?

"There is a growing market for visual tools that make big data accessible and simplify complexity. Cambridge Intelligence has the best technology to do that. Our partnership means we can consistently deliver outstanding software and expertise, keeping our customers happy and creating innovative solutions to their challenges.

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