DataViz Power Hour

Reveal the insight in your cyber data
Downtown San Francisco

Why join the DataViz Power Hour?


As the volume and complexity of cyber security data grows, our ability to understand it decreases. The result: overloaded analysts and threats going under the radar, causing untold damage.

During three short talks, led by product managers and data visualization experts, you’ll see how data visualization can help you overcome the scale and complexity challenges of cyber threat intelligence.

By the end, you’ll understand:

  • The challenge of visualizing cyber data at scale
  • The design best practices you should follow 
  • How to successfully empower your analysts with better threat visualization

Who's speaking?

Ambika Yadav

Data Visualizer - Illumio

Ambika is a Data Visualizer at network security startup, Illumio. She discovered her passion for data visualization, at the intersection of art, technology, geometry and statistics, while pursuing her Master’s in Media Arts and Technology at UC Santa Barbara. An ardent believer in the visualization principles laid down by the likes of Edward Tufte and Ben Shneiderman, she aims to uncover insights in interesting and complex datasets.

Ashwin Radhakrishnan 2

Product Manager - Anomali

Ashwin is the Product Manager for ThreatStream Cloud, a leading threat detection, investigation and response platform by Anomali. His role gives him a unique viewpoint on the role of data visualization as part of the cyber threat detection workflow. He’s also a voting member of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Actor Context Technical Committees.

Andy Robbins 2

Co-author - BloodHound

Andy is an active red teamer and co-author of BloodHound, a tool designed to reveal the hidden and unintended permission relationships in Active Directory domains. He has performed numerous red team operations and penetration tests against banks, credit unions, health-care providers, defense companies, and other Fortune 500 companies across the world. He is also a veteran Black Hat trainer.

Who should attend?



This session is for anyone responsible for helping cyber analysts understand threat intelligence.

Some roles that would find the Power Hour useful include:

  • Product managers
  • Software developers
  • Threat intelligence leads
  • CTO / CISOs

The presentations will not be technical in nature - instead we'll focus on sharing guidance that will be useful to a whole range of people.

This breakfast session is free to attend, but registration is essential.



Join us early for breakfast, if you can.
Improving network visibility with data visualization

Ambika Yadav, Data Visualizer at Illumio will talk about her work developing data visualization applications to improve the visibility of a user’s network.

This work helps users understand, organize and document the components of their complex networks, as well as their inter- and intra-communication methods. With the right visualization tools, it’s easy to understand and uncover the traffic flows between components, which leads to better rules and policies for a more secure and comprehensible network.

This talk explores the visualization techniques you can use to improve your network visibility, including node-link diagrams, parallel coordinates, adjacency matrices, and treemap visualizations.
Using graph technology for better security

Andy Robbins, Co-author of Bloodhound will explore why graphs, while not the solution to every problem, are the only solution for many of the biggest problems.

In this talk, Andy explains how Bloodhound use graph databases and visualizations to help drive a revolution in the penetration testing and ethical hacking fields.
Talk announced soon

Ashwin Radhakrishnan, Product Manager at Anomali will focus on the overall drivers for adopting a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) program and take a deeper dive into the fourth step of the CTI Lifecycle: Analysis & Production. He will explore how data visualization can benefit analysts by offering a means to expand on any individual observable to give a big picture view of the infrastructure employed by an attack.
Networking time

Feel free to stick around after the presentations for coffee and bagels, and to meet our speakers, attendees and some of the senior leadership team from Cambridge Intelligence.

Where and when?


Wednesday 26 February 2020


Talks from 08.00 am - 09.00am 


465 California St., 3rd Floor, Suite 310

We're just 15 minutes from the RSA Conference at Moscone Center.

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