At Cambridge Intelligence, we offer world-class expertise and experience to support your graph visualization project. From initial design, to coding, integration and deployment, our services will ensure your application is a success.

professional services
What does professional services overview include?
  • Consulting: Let us do the work
    • Getting buy-in
    • Building the application
    • Our process
  • One-to-one training: Learn as you code
    • Introduction and scoping
    • Paired programming
  • Developer training: Get the team ready
    • A sample timetable
  • About us 
Who is this report for?
This report is for anyone who is interested in using our toolkits. 


By working so closely together, we were able to make sure visions didn’t diverge and everyone knew what was happening. Cambridge Intelligence kept the project moving in the right direction at the right speed. By introducing this kind of leading-edge software, we have not only fixed a problem for today, but also ensured that we are able to meet the needs of our members in the future.

Simon Fitzgerald, Data Sharing Services Manager at Cifas


From governments and global leaders, to fast-growing start-ups, we’ve built close relationships with over 200 customers worldwide.